Thursday, February 2, 2012

Detroit Lions Merchandise

We are a very proud fan base this year. Detroit Lions merchandise is spreading all across the nation. Our Motown ancestors would be proud of the performance of the lions. We finally got into the playoffs and had an excellent quarterback by the name of Matthew Stafford that threw for over five thousand yards. It's time to wear this mans jersey. His favorite receiver is more than likely the best receiver in the business. With a nick name like Megetron his stock has skyrocketed. There isn't a defensive back that even dares to cover this young athlete. What a combination that can score in a moments notice. The other receivers also performed at an exceptional level. People talk about the offensive line but one thing they did well was protect the quarterback that smashed the record yards recorded for the lions. get ready for the big Super Bowl Savings.

The defense was maintained with a defensive front that not too many teams want to wreck-in with. The linebacker core was provided leadership from the famous middleman Stephen Tolluck. We hope the front suits sign this man that I believe lead the lions in tackles. No matter who you like on the defensive side of the house you can rest assured that there will be fans wanting the Detroit Lions merchandise in record numbers. They are the new team that American fans want to follow. People every where want lions gear for their Detroit Man Cave. They want the stuff that every fan would be willing to show of to fellow cave dwellers.

This years Stars
Kids from all over the world will probably want to decorate their rooms with the famous Detroit Lions merchandise. Jerseys will be sold in numbers that the lions are not accustomed too. With all the injuries that the lions endured it is a wonder that they even made the playoffs. A big hand needs to go out to all the filled in and we look forward to our Motown football teams performance next season.  Watch out on the playgrounds and see who is trying to act out that great performance of Matt and Calvin. Get on in and get your gear from the people that know the Michigan fans and have suffered for years with a non winning team. We are a proud bunch and cannot wait till football season starts next season. Let your friends know that they too can get their Detroit Lions merchandise from people that have waited for this great winning season just like them. We have never gave up hope and can see future successes with our Detroit Lions that will prosper for years to come.
If you cannot find your stuff here give our friends a try at Detroit Sports Gear that are also big lions fans that have waited for many years to see us in the playoffs.  

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